Judging the welding method of crane

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For large lifting equipment, such as portal cranes, the success of welding depends largely on proper instruction, and we come to determine how portal cranes are welded. There are many aspects to be observed.

The welding process factors that affect the tensile strength and bending properties of the welded joint include the welding method, the type of base material, the number of welding rods, the type of shielding gas, etc. If these factors change, the entire portal crane will have to re-evaluate the welding process.


Do not underestimate some secondary factors, do not change some secondary factors re-evaluation, said secondary factors are not important, if you encounter a crane on the weld is operated by two or more welding methods, it should be evaluated for each welding process or welding process. Of course, a combined evaluation is also possible.

Therefore, the welding standards for portal cranes must be guided by the correct specifications to avoid detours and to maximize and maximize the function of the portal crane without affecting the use of the equipment for this purpose.